South carolina field staff

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Shaun olsberg

State director

Shaun was born and raised in the outdoors of North Dakota. He comes from a family of outdoorsmen. His greatest memories growing up involve hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. He has had great mentors along the way and learned at an early age how important it is to share your knowledge of the outdoors and to preserve the heritage. He is currently active duty Army with 19 years of service behind him. His future plans are to retire from the Army and start his forever home in the great state of Texas with his wife and daughter where I hope to spread the word of HHO across the state. "HHO has filled a void in my soul like no other organization. I was given the means to create this chapter and bring members together to a place where those with commonalities can feel welcome and respected without fear of those around not understanding.  We have developed a field staff in South Carolina that will take this chapter to new levels for years to come. HHO has been and will be an instrumental part of my transition to the civilian sector."

Ben moroni

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ben did grow up fishing but did not do any hunting until his adult years.  He served 23 years in the Army Reserves including 1 tour in Iraq 2006-07 and 1 tour state side at Ft Jackson SC training Navy sailors and IRR recalls going to Afghanistan in 2011-12.  He was injured in a training accident and spent 1 year in WTU on FT Jackson before retiring in October of 2018. Ben found Hometown Hero Outdoors to connect with other veterans and to learn how to hunt as well as get more proficient at fishing.   What he received was a way to cope with his mental health and stress and after moving to South Carolina he decided to join field staff for the newly formed team South Carolina to give back to the organization that gave so much to him.

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Benjamin Black, Chace Price, Lee Turbeville, Michael Vork, Bill Young Jr.

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