TeamWI Duck Opener 2020

Last weekend TeamWI had the opportunity to get 13 members out for duck opener. They camped out on the river Friday evening through Sunday. 2am came early on Saturday morning, but everyone was up and ready to go as they loaded the boats and headed out into the marsh. For those that haven't experienced a duck opener it really is a sight to see, birds buzzing around shots fired, its a great time. So great that they forgot to get pictures of their ducks, but it's not about the ducks you shoot, its about the memories you make. Mid day they all regrouped at camp and thanks to Starbucks they had fresh hot coffee and banana nut bread. In the afternoon some groups headed back out for some hunting and some elected for some perch and smallmouth fishing.

Sunday, they headed back out into the marsh for another morning of hunting, and while the hunting was slower the sun felt good after a chilly morning.

We’d like to thank all of the boaters and staff that came out, Jon Sundberg and #HomerPrebeNuff for providing the grill, Nicole Sevelin with #Starbucks for taking time to come out and provide them with coffee and listen to all the stories of the morning, and #Bravomanufacturingcompany (BCM) for the awesome hats and decals. As well as Tj Stuart with #HookedandFeatherOutdoors.

#wisconsintrip #starbucksafn #duckhunting

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