TeamNewEngland-Ontario Fishing

#HHOTeamNewEngland wrapped up a couple of wonderful days of fishing on Lake Ontario out of Oswego New York earlier this month. #HouseInTheWoods, an outdoor retreat program that honors our veterans and their families' sacrifices and assists them in their journey towards healing the mental and physical pain of loss, gave 3 New Hampshire veterans an opportunity to join veterans from Ohio, Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania Maine, and New York on the trip.

They stayed at #SticksBarAndGrill in Oswego. The proprietors, Mike and Bobbie were tremendous hosts. Bobbie went out of her way to prepare a homecooked meal of pork tenderloin and meatloaf. Their Guide, Captain Rich from #NYGUIDESERVICE, gave two days of his time to make sure they had a great time. They made great a connection with #UltimateVeteranAdventures as well. Big shout out to Paul House and House In The Woods for the opportunity to tag along. It was truly life changing for everyone on the trip.

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