Team WI- Weekend of Fishing

Team WI hit the fishing hard this weekend and took out two of our members; Jeff Catlett and Eli Saffir out for the free fishing Wisconsin weekend. Jim Ness, owner of Wisconsin Guide service hooked us up with three hours of tutorial walleye fishing and we had a great time. Honestly did more joking around and laughing with Jim than serious fishing but it was a blast. Caught walleye, sauger, drum, pike, white bass and crappie on beautiful Lake Wisconsin on Saturday. Thank you, Jim Ness for taking the time to take us out.

Sunday, David Street and his son Nick and Adam Sands, two Army veterans fished with Larry Holicky on the Wisconsin River and caught walleye, white bass, catfish and a massive carp! David Street had a massive walleye up to the boat but the big sow snapped off before we could net it. Thanks everyone for coming out this weekend!

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