Team WI and Team IA Waterfowl Hunt

This weekend #HHOTeamWI and #HHOTeamIA set out for a waterfowl hunt on the Mississippi River. Mother Nature had other plans and turned this into a Pheasant Hunt.

Friday night started with an amazing dinner of Prime Rib, Brisket, jumbo shrimp and many many sides all put on by Kris Ennis. Everyone received gift baskets courtesy of for each Black Rifle Coffee Company, Duck Commander, Bravo Company USA, Kris Ennis, and Clay Wilwert.

Saturday the hunters headed out to Tanglewood Ranch and Hunt Club. 90 birds were released, 20 donated by Tanglewood, and another 40 by Kris, Steve, and Joe.

We also had volunteers Chet, Joe, Steve, Bradin, TJ, Gavin, Brent and Kris who were ready for a duck hunt but were able to adjust and bring their dogs for the hunt.

We ended up with 54 pheasants harvested.

After the Hunt we had an amazing chicken dinner at PJ's Pub and Hall in Kieler, Wisconsin donated by Pete Murphy and Ashley Lawrence.

Thanks to the quick reaction by our Field Staff and all of those that have been planning this trip, everyone was able to adjust the night before and make this a memorable event for all of the heroes we hosted.

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