Team WI- 2nd Annual Turkey Camp

#HHOTeamWI Hosted their 2nd Annual Turkey Camp this weekend.

While safely practicing social distancing they were able to get 5 members out in the woods to chase turkeys. The group saw and heard way more birds than last year with one member and one Field Staff both bagging birds on the last morning.

Friday was a beautiful day for hunting, but Saturday was really windy which makes any type of hunting tough, but especially turkey hunting. Sunday with 1-3” of snow and rain expected, AW Schil was the only one who toughed it out and was in the woods by 4:30. He shot a beautiful Tom at just before 6. He returned to camp and woke Shawn up to take pictures as requested. This got Shawn fired up and he decided to head out just before 7 am. At 7:20, the celebration began for the shooting of his first turkey.

WI HHO would like to give a special thanks to our area expert, Garrett Miller for taking his time for 4 days away from his wife and daughter to get the guys on birds. Thanks to Lawrence and Brandy Holicky for opening their yard and garage to act as our campground.

Even though Covid 19 tried to rain on our parade, the weekend was a success and we can’t wait for Turkey camp III in 2021!

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