Team ND Heads to Devils Lake

This past weekend, #HHOTeamND descended on Devils Lake, ND for a weekend of ice fishing, fun and camaraderie building for 20 of our nations finest. There were 6 Wheel Houses that were brought out to host our guests and all were top notch so we were able to spend Friday and Saturday nights on the ice! We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Eastbay Campground , Warwick ND for your hospitality and assistance. They are a true first class outfit! Most everyone caught fish, but everyone had a great time!

We ate well thanks to Bernatello's Foods who donated pizzas, and Bryan Lang and his wife who made us amazing Egg Bake and muffins! Also a big thank you to Exit 331/Casselton/W for making us all coozies to take home! Also, Hofer Signs for making us signs to direct everyone. Also Home of Economy-Grandforks for donating all of the bait! Thank you to Ifishpro Tip Up for donating a tip up for a giveaway and Patrick Buss for donating a rod!

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