Team CO Goose Hunt in Wyoming

#HHOTeamCO had an absolute fantastic time with Brett Buss and Milliron TJ Outfitting in Wheatland, Wyoming. This was one of the most unique hunts Lawrence Holicky has ever been on as far as waterfowl’s concerned. They started off in a pit but they had to battle 60 mile per hour winds all morning which reaked havoc on their decoys but managed to get Veteran Jose Gardner his first two geese ever!

But it wasnt until the last 15 minutes of the day that made this hunt so awesome. Brett set us up on a cliff side of a river where he had been scouting and it paid off! They all agreed that it was something so unique to the area as the geese came over the cliff and dive bombed like mallards right into the decoys. They hammered em, close to a four man limit in 10 minutes. If they had just a few more minutes they would have easily limited out.

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