Team CO- Chasin’ Toms

#TeamCO was able to get two members and three staff out on a private land turkey hunt in western Colorado on the Lazy K Bar Brook Ranch owned by the Jutten family. In four days they saw about every kind of weather imaginable from sleet and snow to hot blazing sun and everything in between. That seemed to make the birds just a bit tempermental, but they were able to get close to gobblers pretty much every day and one big boy got a ride back to camp to join for supper 😆.

They covered from four to eight miles a day chasin the Mountain Toms and were in the field up to 14 hrs from sun up to sun down. Lots of exercise, tons of laughs, friendships strengthened and new ones made. They ate well and slept hard after all that climbing just to get up at 0 dark thirty and hit it again. That's what it's all about! Thank you Daris and Jay for the opportunity to hunt on your beautiful property!

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