Recurve Drops Bear -HHO advice for the assist!

Hometown Hero Outdoors doesn't only get people outdoors, but it provides tips and tricks of the trade! We take pride in helping and serving others; sometimes all it takes is some advice. See for yourself, from a HHO member, Jeremy Lemire:

"One of my bucket list goals was to shoot a bear with a recurve bow. After a year of shooting almost every day I decided I was ready to bear hunt. My first year I just opted to take the preference points to better my odds at drawing in Minnesota’s lottery system for bear hunting. Well it ended up taking me 4 years of applying before I finally was drawn. After waiting so long, I wanted to make sure I did everything right and to the best of my ability to create the best chance of shooting a bear. I searched out across the internet and social media for anyone willing to give me advice. Dan Mott promptly responded from the Hometown Hero Outdoors Facebook page. We exchanged a few private messages and then Dan posted in early August several tips on how to successfully hunt bears on the HHO group. The tip that helped me the most was his approach to site location. To be far enough from the bears bedding area to force bears out during the day to your bait site following a natural corridor. I think this was key to my success. Another tip he gave that really helped was to hunt when the bears were moving such as during a cold front.

Friday September 28, 2018 I left work early and blasted up north to hunt the last few hours of daylight. I was in stand for 2 hours when a sow with 3 cubs showed up. As she approached she smacked her jaw giving warning to the cubs that something wasn’t right. She came into the bait, gave a couple sniffs and left pretty quickly with her 3 cubs. I was surprised they didn’t stop to eat any of the bait but I’m guessing she had smelled me and decided it was unsafe. After seeing this I decided that if a boar did come in I would have to take the shot as soon as it was a clean one. 20 minutes after she left a boar came walking right up the trail and as soon as he cleared the the hazelnut brush I pulled back and released. The boar ran 50 yards and piled up in the thick brush. Shortly after I heard the death cry and knew he was down. I waited 30 minutes and found him lying at the base of a huge white oak tree. I succeeded in my quest to arrow a bear with a recurve and I owe it all to everyone that helped me along the way and to Dan Mott’s expert advice."

Good work and congrats on your beautiful bear, Jeremy!


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