HHO - Into WI & ND!

Hometown Hero Outdoors is excited to announce that we have incorporated into the states of Wisconsin and North Dakota! With Wisconsin having more than 408,870 veterans and North Dakota with more than 53,157 veterans, HHO is anxious to begin serving those additional great states.

Along with the military veterans, there are approximately 13,730 sworn police officers in Wisconsin and just over 1,324 sworn in North Dakota. HHO will attempt to reach all corners of both of the states to bring our goal of outdoor recreational therapy to those in our new endeavours.

Wisconsin HHO Team Lead, Shawn Knobloch, is hitting the ground running as we speak! Shawn currently resides is LaCrosse Wisconsin with his wife Stacy. Shawn was a Marine from 1989-1993. After a year out, he decided he missed the brotherhood of the military and joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard. After 2 years, he transferred to the Idaho Guard where he became AGR (Active Guard Reserve) serving as Readiness NCO for the 116th Engineer Bn. At 17 years, he volunteered to go back to Iraq but was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and was honorably medically discharged. He discovered his love for the outdoors in Idaho, hunting for Elk and deer. The Outdoors obsession was reborn just a few years ago as he discovered Ice Fishing. Shawn is a crew chief for a NASCAR sanctioned late model which takes up a lot of his time from April-October. Shawn is employed by City Brewery in LaCrosse. Shawn has assist from Field Staffer, Harley Mangen. Shawn and Harley have been in close communication to expand their team and get WI running full steam ahead.

North Dakota Team Lead, Kent Kleinwacther, grew up in Northwestern Minnesota farming, which gave him a great opportunity to do a lot of hunting and fishing growing up.  His family was big into hunting and fishing. As he has gotten older his passion is fishing. He spent 4 years in the Army and was discharged honorably after being injured on a training exercise. He is married and currently lives in West Fargo North Dakota.  He hopes to give back to veterans and law enforcement as much as they have given to us!

Many opportunities have arisen from this expansion; these actions have also brought many people closer together with a common goal to serve those who need nothing more than some outdoor recreational therapy!

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