HHO 2 Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe that Hometown Hero Outdoors has hit 2 years since we started this amazing journey. The amount of support that we receive from everyone is absolutely amazing. 2 years ago, we would have never imagined growing to what we are today. We have started chapters in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Conducted over a hundred trips to get our nations heroes into the outdoors. Including two international trips to Canada.

Aside from getting Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans into the outdoors, we have built a community like none other. Anytime of day, if someone has a question or needs help, there is always someone there to answer them. People who have never met before, but act like they've known each other for years.

It's truly an amazing feeling seeing not only the impact that HHO has on the community we serve, but how everyone comes together to build camaraderie and a family like nothing else out there.

Thank you to the Co-Founders, Field Staff, businesses, and individuals who put in so much effort to make sure this organization is able to serve our nations heroes time and time again.

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