Field Staff of the Month(September)

As we close out another month for HHO, this was once again a difficult decision on who to name the Field Staff of the Month for September. This months recognition goes to one of our new Field Staff, who much like last month, has taken initiative and helped connect HHO with his local community. Todd Schnorr is someone who volunteered his time with us long before being asked to be a part of our Field Staff. He exemplifies what it takes, both getting our nations heroes into the outdoors and connecting the organization to communities across the state of Minnesota.

Todd was born in Duluth, MN and moved to Proctor, MN at 16. Shortly after moving he decided to join the Army when he was 17 years old as a 21B, Combat Engineer. During his 22 years of service he had the ability to travel all over the United States and various other countries. He states that his favorite place consisted of Alaska, Angola Africa, and Afghanistan where he spent 18 months. He got hurt while serving in Afghanistan and decided that it was time to retire. Growing up in the outdoors he has a great knowledge of hunting, fishing, and camping, which he hopes to share with our nations heroes. Todd said "I think HHO will be a good fit for me and I can't wait wait to start taking vets out and helping when and where I can."

Todd is a great addition to the team and has big plans for getting our Veteran and Law Enforcement members into the outdoors. He has already set up or volunteered on a number of trips including our annual Lake of the Woods Ice Castle trip and a once in a lifetime trip to Isle Royale. Most recently he planned and coordinated the 5th Annual Schnorr Mud Fest and turned into it a fundraiser for HHO.

As an all volunteer organization, we ask a lot of our Field Staff as we believe our veteran and law enforcement officers deserve the best. Being asked to do a lot and actually foregoing your off time or family time to change even one of our nations heroes lives is no easy task. Erik gladly does this with enthusiasm and reflects the values of HHO in such a manner that everyone who wishes to be a part of our team should emulate how he conducts himself.

Make sure you you leave a comment in here to show Erik that his work does not go unnotice! #volunteer #veteran #givingback

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