Field Staff of the Month(August)

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Hometown Hero Outdoors has many great members of our Field Staff, so this decision will never be an easy one. For the month of August we have selected someone who has gone above and beyond with aiding in the expansion into Wisconsin and furthering our presence in Minnesota. He has done all of this while still serving on active duty in the United States Navy and with a family to care for.

There are many reasons why Erik Imme deserves this honor, but one noteable thing shines above the rest. As one of the newer members of our team, he exemplifies what it takes to make an impact on the lives of our nations heroes that we serve. He does this with little instruction and conducts himself as a professional at all times. Through his nearly 19 years in the Navy he has learned many valuable traits, one of those being the ability to adapt to any situation. This has led to him having the confidence to interact and ultimately build relationships with organizations such as Safari Club International or even whole communities like Siren, WI who had no previous knowledge of Hometown Hero Outdoors.

As an all volunteer organization, we ask a lot of our Field Staff as we believe our veteran and law enforcement officers deserve the best. Being asked to do a lot and actually foregoing your off time or family time to change even one of our nations heroes lives is no easy task. Erik gladly does this with enthusiasm and reflects the values of HHO in such a manner that everyone who wishes to be a part of our team should emulate how he conducts himself.

Make sure you you leave a comment in here to show Erik that his work does not go unnotice!#selflessservice #activeduty #loyalty #commitment #volunteer

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