5th Annual Freedom Fighter Veteran’s Shoot

On 6/12/2021, TeamMN hosted their 5th Annual Freedom Fighters Veterans Shoot. 29 bowfishing rigs came together to take out 53 members. This doesn’t include the boat captains that are Veterans and our MN Field staff vets and LEO’s that helped out that day. This trip was moved earlier in the year and made for better fish to be seen and more opportunities.

The day kicked off with a BBQ & giveaways and ended with a return time of 2:00a for weigh in.

Biggest dogfish weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz, biggest sucker 5 lbs 4 oz, big carp 38 lbs 10 oz, smallest fish was a 3 oz bull head, numbers category took the lead with 29 fish.

The “choot em up” award went to Pat & Dave this year for their dedication to HHO and this event. For 5 years strong.

HUGE Thank you to all the boat captains, #EdgeBowfishing, #FeradyneOutdoors, #HyVee, #Cabelas, #Scheels, #AMSBowfishing, #StarbucksOfLakeville and Plymouth, #AverageJoesArchery, some employees of #FederalPremiumAmmunition, #IgotAguyLLC, Pat Kadrilk, and #RogueProductions. A great time was had by all!

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