1St North Dakota Blast & Cast

The first ND Blast and Cast was a struggle due to weather but in the end it was a success. They ended up having to just double the hunting and postpone the fishing until a later date. They got 4 vets out for 2 days of waterfowl hunting around Minot, ND.

Day 1- the starting windchill was -1 and it kept the birds on their roost past legal ND shooting time for honkers.

Day 2- was slightly warmer and switched to snow geese.....let's just say it went pretty decent, and ended with 41 Snow/Ross geese, 9 ducks and 1 band.

Huge thanks to Stephen Kolobakken for getting us on the birds, Kellen Latendresse for the snow spread and Kevin Dynes at #CEIelectricalcontractors for the donation of all the ammo.

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