north dakota Field Staff

Jeff carl

State director

Jeff Carl.jpg

Jeff was raised in Grand Forks, ND and started hunting and fishing early in life. He joined the ND National Guard in College. After College he moved to Nevada for 7 years. While living there he was deployed to Iraq. Now back living in Grand Forks with his wife and 2 daughters, Jeff’s passion has become fishing. He has learned the value in giving back through other Veteran’s organizations and can’t wait to be more actively involved.


Co-State Director

Dan Brasfield.PNG

Dan was born in Frankfurt Germany and raised an Army brat until the early 90s. He called Missouri home until 2001 when he joined the USAF. After training he was stationed in southern Idaho, North Dakota and South Korea. During his enlistmentment he traveled the country and world on many temporary duties and also deployed to Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Oman. Dan separated from active duty in 2014 to move back to Minot. He is passionate about motorcycles and any type of fishing but mainly focuses on walleye in western North Dakota.

 Tyler Modlin


Tyler Grew up in Minnesota and served six years with the Minnesota Army National Guard. He deployed to Iraq from 05-07. Tyler and his wife love to hike, kayak, hunt, and fish with their five kids in the beautiful North Dakota outdoors. His passion for the outdoors led him to pursue a career where  he work outdoors everyday. Tyler looks forward to getting our Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers into the outdoors to enjoy new experiences.


David grew up in Northern MN, and has been hunting and fishing his whole life. He currently lives in Moorhead, MN where he raised his family. David spent 26 years in the Guard and Army. Hunting is his passion but he also loves to fish. David can't wait to continue getting other veterans into the outdoors.

Bryan Lang


Bryan is an active law enforcement officer in ND. He is currently employed with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations. He is married to Roxanne, they have two sons and two grandchildren.  Bryan was born and raised in the Devils Lake area. Here is where his passion for the outdoors began and continues. He is an avid walleye fisherman but his greatest love is chasing jumbo perch on Devils Lake and the surrounding area lakes.  His is also an accomplished tournament angler with a strong belief in conservation. He enjoys teaching youth in an attempt to continue interest in the sport. He himself started out as a young child with his grandfather who taught him the love of fishing. He has carried on his grandfather’s legacy by teaching his own boys the joy of fishing and now has started the next generation with his grandson.  Bryan owns and operates Rig It “n” Jig It Guide Service out of Devils Lake, ND.

Adam Grant

adam deer.jpg

Adam was raised in West Fargo, North Dakota.  From early on Adam had a passion for the outdoors as he spent most of his free time fishing on the Sheyenne River.  He joined the Air Force on July 2nd, 2002 and is currently serving in the Air National Guard at the 119th Wing in Fargo ND.  Adam is still an avid outdoorsman, spending much of his free time hunting and fishing!  He is married and has 3 wonderful children who are becoming more involved in the outdoors.  Adam is extremely excited to share his passion for the outdoors with fellow Vets and Law Enforcement!

Theo Toliver


Theo was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He called Las Vegas home until 2000 when he joined the USAF. After training he was stationed in Minot, North Dakota, Osan AB South Korea, Nellis AFB, NV and eventually he worked his way back to North Dakota where he now calls home.  During his enlistment he traveled the country and world on many temporary duties as a K9 handler and also deployed to Qatar and Afghanistan. Theo separated from active duty in 2014 and transitioned to the North Dakota Air National Guard.  He is passionate about any type of fishing but mainly focuses on walleye in western North Dakota during the open water season.  When the lakes freeze up he is fishing all over the midwest and Canada for all species.  You can even catch Theo fishing on TV with Fish Addictions TV!

Colton Blomberg


Colton grew up in western Montana and eastern Idaho chasing every fish or animal he could.  He was a ranch hand/fly fishing guide until 2011 when he moved to Stanley, North Dakota.  His senior year of high school he joined the North Dakota Army National Guard as a generation equipment repairer.  Shortly after returning from training he found that there was an incredibly healthy population of bass in a lot of North Dakota lakes and even a couple tournament fishing clubs and this sparked his love of tournament fishing.  Colton worked in the oilfield after returning from training up until 2018 when he started working as a federal technician for the National Guard and is still a technician in Minot, ND.  During the tournament season he travels to all of the surrounding states and Saskatchewan to fish, but during hunting season you will find him in the tree stand or attempting a spot and stalk.  Colton is also one of the few anglers in the state that fishes open water year round either at Nelson Lake or the tailrace.

        Jon Falch


Jon grew up in southern WI spending any time he wasn’t working or at school in a field, tree, or on Lake. Jon is currently serving his 18th year on Active Duty. He is a father to three great kids and has expanded his family with an amazing lady and her son. Jon enjoys family time in the outdoors fishing and hiking. Bow hunting and fishing are Jon’s favorite past times. He is looking forward to getting our nation’s hero’s into the outdoors and helping to spread the mission of HHO.

      Rory Cowan


Rory currently lives in Western North Dakota with his wife and three kids in the town of Williston. Originally he is from Wibaux, MT, but has lived all over since his dad was in the Army. Rory served four years in the Army and deployed to Iraq in 2003. He loves chasing mulies in the badlands and walleye in the lake. Rory is excited to get our nation’s hero’s into the outdoors and spread the mission of HHO.

         DAN GROSS

Dan Gross.jpg

Dan was born and raised in SE North Dakota, currently living in Enderlin ND. Dan joined the NDARNG as a MP in 2006 and is still serving. During his service he has been deployed to Iraq, Guantanimo Bay, Afganistan, earthquake relief in Hati, and four state active duties for floods and a protest. When not working he can be found outdoors doing some sort of activity. Dan enjoys ice fishing, all types of hunting to include upland, big game, and waterfowl. He's excited to bring his skill set to the staff and even more excited to learn other skills and meet new people.

Ethan Richardson


Ethan Is currently stationed at Grand Forks AFB.  He has been stationed at Eielson AFB, AK, Minot AFB, ND and has been deployed to Al Dahfra and been on numerous TDYs throughout Europe.  He grew up in Central Minnesota, and loves to fish and hunt.  He is excited to get LEO and veteran community outside and show what HHO is all about  

Blaine noll


Blaine was born and raised in Inwood, West Virginia where some of his fondest memories were on his
family's land hunting and fishing with his Dad, Granddad and Brother.

He joined the Air Force in 2013 and was first stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Since 2016, he has been assigned to Grand Forks AFB, ND.
He is married with 2 children; the oldest at 6 years old, has already shown a passion for hunting,
fishing and the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and rodeo have always been his three biggest passions and is
excited to spread this passion to this community of Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers.

Nate Beiter

Nate grew up in Pennsylvania and was stationed in North Dakota for the last 8 years with a total of 10 years Active Duty Air Force. He grew up an avid outdoorsman and that passion has never passed. He spends most of his free time hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, and boating North Dakota and Northern Minnesota and would love
the opportunity to be able to get our fellow members out on trips.

Josh Andrew

Josh has been actively serving in the Air Force for the past 11 years. He is currently stationed at Grand Forks AFB, where he enjoys taking people fishing and hunting around the local area. He believes that working within this organization, he will be able help provide unique opportunities to those who have served and are currently serving. Josh looks forward to spending time and sharing experiences with everyone in the great outdoors.