Minnesota Field Staff

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Alan Larrimore

Co Director/ Event Director

Originally from Tabor City, NC, Alan spent a lot of time on salt water fishing and enjoying the ocean. Alan is now enjoying learning to fish new species on inland lakes. He spent 6 years active duty Air Force with one tour in Afghanistan. Alan's wife also served 8 years and they currently reside in Staples, MN.

Jeremy Hinton

Jeremy was born and raised in Elk River, MN. He was introduced to fishing, hunting, and camping before he was even born by his parents. Jeremy served nine years in the Minnesota Army National Guard, including one tour in Iraq in 2003. He now has a career working in telecommunications/IT infrastructure build outs. Jeremy enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife Alecia, and introducing others to the outdoors or providing opportunities to those who may not otherwise have the means to do so.

Tom Strunge

Co State Director 

Tom was born and raised on a farm in Central Minnesota. He's been hunting and fishing since early childhood. Tom spent four years in the Marine Corps, serving in Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Shield, and Desert Storm.  Tom and his wife live in Princeton Minnesota where they run a company renting Ice Castle Fish Houses for Fishing, Camping, and Hunting. Tom is excited to get our nations hero's into the outdoors and look's forward to meeting the HHO community!

Alecia Hinton

MN Trip Coordinator

Alecia grew up in Scandia, MN (NE Metro) and now resides with her family in Central, MN.  Alecia grew up hunting and fishing and loves the outdoors.  She enjoys expanding her own knowledge all while being able to help others in the process.   She looks forward to pursuing her great passion for HHO by helping our Nation’s finest with the opportunity to get into the outdoors, make some memories, and build relationships that last a lifetime.


Robbie was born and raised in Rochester, MN. He served Active duty in the Army with the 82nd Airborne Division and has one tour of duty in Afghanistan. Robbie grew up hunting and fishing and enjoys spending time introducing others to the outdoors. He is a Professional Bowfishing Guide in the State of Minnesota. He currently lives in Dover, MN. In his spare time he enjoys Bowfishing, Bow hunting, Fishing and Snowmobiling.

Jamie lalim

Jamie (aka Lama Jama) was born and raised in central Minnesota. From a young age he became involved with hunting and fishing with his father and older brother. He also learned to respect and conserve the environment. Although he enjoys the chase of a whitetail, Jamie's passion is Ducks and Canada Geese.   What Jamie loves so much about hunting is it brings like minded people together. Put him in a room with a stranger who 'lives for the hunt' and he'll talk to you like you've known each other for years. He hunts because of the camaraderie and time spent with friends. 


Jamie started his law enforcement career in 2005. He serves as a Police Officer in the state of Minnesota. 

Hannah Mishler

Andrew ledo

Andrew was born and raised in the East metro. He learned how to fish from his father and grandfather. He joined the Air Force at 18 and was stationed in Alaska where his love for the outdoors flourished. Currently living in the North Metro and working for the Air Force as a civilian he spends his free time hunting and fishing. He can't wait to take out vets and LOE's hunt and fishing and expand the reach of HHO.

Mitch Bollin

Mitch is from Long Prarie, MN and grew up in the Forest Lake area where he currently lives with his wife Adrielle and daughter Tryniti. He served in the US Army as a 63B in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO from 1999 to 2001.  In 2001 he was injured in an automobile accident and was medically discharged. Mitch enjoys everything outdoors, but fishing is his passion. He likes going after any fish species he can, and Peacock bass has been his favorite species to catch so far. He is looking forward to getting more veterans out on the water and enjoying the natural resources they fought to protect. Mitch is also an avid whitetail hunter and is trying to do more waterfowl hunting. His favorite part about Hometown Hero Outdoors is meeting fellow vets and hearing their stories while creating new memories.

Daniel Carlson

Born and raised in Duluth, MN spent 6 years in the Air Force and did one tour in Afghanistan. He got the itch for the outdoors from his father and best friend at a very young age when they would pull him from school to go to deer camp! He fishes every chance he can get all over our great state and many of the surrounding ones as well.

tom mishler

Tom grew up around Circle Pines, MN and spent as much time outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping as possible. He learned the majority of his knowledge of the outdoors from his father. Most of his experience revolves around Whitetail Deer and Small Game Hunting, as well as open water and ice fishing. Tom has dabbled in a few other areas, such as peacock hunting in New Zealand and salmon fishing. Tom and his wife currently live in Northern MN where he works as a Deputy Sheriff. He looks forward to meeting other law enforcement officers and veterans that share a passion for the outdoors. Tom looks forward to expanding his experiences and knowledge in other aspects of hunting and fishing while supporting the mission of HHO

Maggie Marie

While working at Cabela's in high school and college she experienced fishing, hunting, trap shooting, and camping in several states including the BWCAW. She graduated college with a law enforcement degree and wildlife management minor. After college she worked as a federal prison guard then became a police officer. After almost 7 years as a police officer she was injured on duty and forced to retire with disabilities. Unable to work, she now continues to enjoy fishing, bow hunting, camping, hiking and anything outdoors while having a hobby farm with her family. Her hobby farm consists of steers, goats, a miniature horse, chickens, mousing cats and 3 German shepherds and a lab. The rest of her family includes a husband, a 10 year old daughter and a 1.5 year old daughter.

Born and raised in Northern MN, the tradition of hunting, fishing, and trapping was passed on to her from her parents. That love of the outdoors continued into her career as a Conservation Officer. She is looking forward to sharing her extensive knowledge of the outdoors with our nations hero's.


Erik grew up in Siren Wisconsin and have been Hunting, fishing, and camping my whole life. I have been active duty in the Navy for 18 years. I have had the opportunity to hunt and fish all over the world and enjoy helping others in the outdoors anyway I can. I am married with 2 kids and they enjoy it as much as i do.  We are currently living in Rochester, MN.


Grew up in northern Minnesota where my passion for the outdoors originated with waterfowl, whitetails, and small game. I joined the Minnesota army national guard in 2003 which only fueled my addiction for the outdoors. By means of the people I met and the newly found skills the army provided me with for 9 years. I now live in lakes country ( North Central)  Minnesota where I spend as much time in the outer doors as possible. Chasing waterfowl throughout the Midwest, pheasant hunting in South Dakota, or tracking down a big Tom turkey hunting in the spring. I have a vast knowledge and skills to offer Hometown Hero outdoors to continue and achieve there mission.

Ashley Malterud

Ashley grew up in Northwest MN and spent many days in the woods as a child. She began hunting Whitetail when she was 12 years old and has been doing so ever since. Ashley took on further opportunities such as Fishing, Wild Turkey Hunts, and Wild Edible Foraging, and River. She served for 8 years with the National Guard, has a husband, and 2 young boys ages 6 and 4. Ashley hopes to bring more empowerment to women engaging in the many outdoor activities our great state has to offer.


Allen is a Union Carpenter who lives in Zimmerman MN and is looking forward to getting HHO members out hunting and fishing. Allen is really into Grouse, Pheasant, and big game hunting. He loves chasing big Northerns, Muskies and Walleyes and any other fish that will bite. Allen was in the Army for four years as a heavy equipment operator in a combat engineer battalion.

Aaron Schiller

Aaron grew up in the country outside of a small town in central MN. Like many others he was introduced to the outdoors by his father. At age 6 Aaron took his first duck, goose, and grouse using his fathers single shot shotgun. Aaron’s love for the outdoors only went up from there. 


Aaron works as a police officer in his home town and is married to his high school sweetheart.  Aaron is excited to be part of HHO staff and be able to give back to the people who he feels deserve it most.


Aaron actively participates in most of MN hunting, fishing (open and hard water), and trapping seasons but spends more time hunting than anything else. From chasing spring gobblers, to black bear, white tails, and of course waterfowl and small game in the fall. Aaron stated he is excited to be able to share his love, passion, and knowledge of the outdoors with others.

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