Board Members

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Daniel Meyer

President - Founding member

Chris Tetrault

vice president - Founding member


Born and raised in Oregon, Dan grew up hunting, fishing and enjoying everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Still serving on active duty in the Army, he found himself in Minnesota, where he met some of the nations finest. They saw a need in the veteran /LEO community and founded HHO. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of the outdoors and working towards providing a way for our nation's hero's to create a network in order to deal with the everyday hardships.

Chris Urman



Chris was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN. He was introduced to fishing at a very early age by his father and grandfather. Chris served four years in the Army with the 10th Mountain Division serving one tour in Iraq. He now has a career working in technology. Chris enjoys sharing his love for the outdoors with fellow veterans and LEO's and also helping to promote the mission of HHO!

Chris was born in San Antonio, Texas, but his family has deep roots in Minnesota and North Dakota. He grew up enjoying the outdoors and became an Eagle Scout at 16 years of age. A year later he joined the MN Army National Guard and deployed to Bosnia in 2003 and Iraq in 2005. Chris is currently a law enforcement officer for the State of Minnesota.

Tony thesing

social media Director founding member

Growing up in MN Tony was introduced to the art of fishing at an early age. He does enjoy hunting as well, but his true passion remains fishing. He served 6 years in the MN National Guard and served 1 deployment to Iraq. He enjoys expanding his knowledge of the outdoors and being able to share that with others as much as possible.

Andy Graff

Event Director

Founding Member

Born and raised in MN Andy spent much of his time in the outdoors. He has served 7 years on active duty in the Navy and continues his service in the Navy Reserve. Waterfowl hunting is what he looks forward to every year, but also enjoys every other aspect of the outdoors.