Iowa Field Staff

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Scott Shirk

State director


Scott served 21 years in the Iowa National guard with one deployment to Afghanistan.

Growing up on a
family farm in Northwest Iowa, he was taught at an early age how to hunt and fish. To this day his
passion is pheasant hunting; where he enjoys watching his German Shorthair work and Ice fishing with
his son, Elliott.

Scott is excited to help HHO achieve their mission by sharing his knowledge and
experiences, while making new friends along the way.

Tyler Holthaus


Tyler joined the Army May 2009, went to basic at Ft. Jackson, SC and AIT & ASI at Edgewood Proving Grounds, MD as a 91B & R4 Wheeled and Stryker Mechanic.  Tyler was stationed at Ft. Richardson, AK deployed to Bagram Airfield Afghanistan for OEF 10-11 where he conducted wrecker support and Recovery Missions. 

Tyler has been fishing all his life; his milestones include: caught crappie to halibut, hunted in Alaska for moose, black bear, and caribou plus have hunted turkey and whitetail. He currently hauls for the Edgewood Feed Mill and looking forward to meeting new veterans and forwarding the camaraderie.

Rob Johnson


Rob went to Ft. Benning, GA in January '99 and graduated in April. He has spent on and off 9 years in the Iowa Army National Guard. Was injured; 3rd degree burns on both legs which made him non-deployable and thus decided to retire.  He has been looking forward to getting veterans into the great outdoors and passing along the message of HHO.

Not Pictured:Todd Crippen