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Lawrence Holicky

state director

Larry has been serving 17 years active duty in the Army and is currently stationed at Fort McCoy. Larry is married to his wife Brandy and they have four children; Ethan, Sydni, Nolan, and Hunter. Larry was born in South Dakota and raised in Southern Minnesota. He loves the outdoors but his two major passions are waterfowl hunting and ice fishing. He looks forward to helping with HHO's mission on the Wisconsin field staff team.

CJ Franklin

CJ Franklin is from South Texas and is currently serving in Active Duty Army.

He enjoys everything from bass fishing, dove hunting, to archery elk hunting, and everything in between. He is here to help the men and women who have experienced similar things to himself and knows how therapeutic the outdoors can be. He is studying to be a biologist once he retires. CJ is married with four children and is ready to start volunteering to get our members into the great outdoors!

Adam Saulsbury

Adam was born and raised in Minnesota. He grew up fishing walleye, waterfowl and deer hunting. Adam moved to North Dakota for college where he really got into waterfowl hunting. He joined the Air Force eight years ago as an IT admin and is currently stationed at Peterson Airforce Base in Colorado. Living in the state has opened up a love for pronghorn and elk hunting.

Adam is married to his wife Alexa, and has a 2 year old boy Christian and a 1 year old boy Nikolas. He is also a huge volunteer in the military community and is working on establishing a youth sports program for military families.

Tyler Raines

Tyler was born and raised in South Carolina and currently serves as a UAS operator in Fort Carson, Colorado. He has been an active duty Army soldier for eight years and is married with two children. Tyler is a big waterfowl hunter and is excited about new hunting opportunities. He is experienced in Colorado ice fishing and brings unlimited potential to the team to get members into the great outdoors.

Dustin Roberson

Dustin served in the active duty army for 4 years and currently serves in the Army Reserves. He is passionate about helping others and is an avid outdoorsman; who enjoys the work put into as much as the actual event whether it's hunting or fishing. Dustin's favorite pastime however, is bagging the beards (turkey) in the fall or spring. Dustin grew up in Oregon (and you better say it right) and came to Colorado after enlisting. He is married and has no children yet.

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Adam Sands, Colton Rendon

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