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Lawrence Holicky

state director

Stephen Grauberger

co-state director


Lawrence was born in Deadwood, SD and lived in Minnesota before enlisting in the Army in 2002. Currently, he has almost 19 years active duty and is stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Lawrence is married to his wife Brandy with 3 sons and a daughter. His oldest son is also in the Army and is currently stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas.


Lawrence is an avid outdoorsman and spends his weekends hunting or fishing. He has volunteered with HHO for 2 years and believes in helping others. To him, there is nothing better than to see a person smile after getting their first. His two favorite outdoor activities are waterfowl hunting and ice fishing.

Adam Saulsbury


Adam was born and raised in Minnesota. He grew up fishing walleye, waterfowl and deer hunting. Adam moved to North Dakota for college where he really got into waterfowl hunting. He joined the Air Force eight years ago as an IT admin and is currently stationed at Peterson Airforce Base in Colorado. Living in the state has opened up a love for pronghorn and elk hunting.

Adam is married to his wife Alexa, and has a 2 year old boy Christian and a 1 year old boy Nikolas. He is also a huge volunteer in the military community and is working on establishing a youth sports program for military families.

Dustin Roberson

Dustin served in the active duty army for 4 years and currently serves in the Army Reserves. He is passionate about helping others and is an avid outdoorsman; who enjoys the work put into as much as the actual event whether it's hunting or fishing. Dustin's favorite pastime however, is bagging the beards (turkey) in the fall or spring. Dustin grew up in Oregon (and you better say it right) and came to Colorado after enlisting. He is married and has no children yet.

Adam Sands

Adam served 28 years in the Army National Guard and Reserves; most of that was Active Duty status. He was born in Arizona; lived most of his life in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and now currently resides back in Arizona. He is the father of one son and a grandfather to a grandson and two granddaughters. Adam will provide a unique opportunity; as an avid hunter and fisherman and still remembers knocking down two ducks at one time his first time hunting at the age of 7.


Adam is passionate about helping others and does so as a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association as well. 

Shawn Buckendahl

Shawn Buckendahl.jpeg

Shawn began fishing at a very young age with his father chasing Chinook salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. He then began to branch out fishing for Smallmouth bass on the Columbia River as well as Searun Cutthroat and high mountain brookies and browns. 

Shawn put his fishing on pause when he joined the Navy Submarine force out of high school. He spent 4 years of his 6 on the fast attack submarine, USS Aspro, stationed out of Pearl Harbor and made multiple deployments to various parts of the Pacific Ocean. After the Navy, Shawn moved his wife and two boys to Colorado to teach for Western Area Power Administration. He fell in love with ice fishing, primarily because of the peace and quiet ice fishing affords and the relatively few number of people out and about. 

Shawn looks forward to getting our members out and teaching the tricks of the trade.

Colyn Eure

Colyn was born and raised in North Carolina and is currently stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado as a UAS Maintainer. He has served in the Army for 8 years and is married with 2 kids.


Colyn grew up hunting waterfowl, whitetail, and turkey. He has a strong passion for spending time in the outdoors and helping others get to experience it as well.

Brendan Whelan


Brendan is a 10-year veteran of the Armed Services. He enjoys every aspect of the Colorado wilderness, from summer hiking and fishing trips through late season waterfowl.  Though he wasnt raised in the outdoors, living in Colorado has bred a passion for hunting and fishing. He takes full advantage of any available time to share and develop this love and appreciation with his family, especially his two young boys. Brendan looks forward to revealing the therapeutic qualities of time spent outdoors with the men and women who serve this community.

CJ Franklin


CJ Franklin is from South Texas and is currently serving in Active Duty Army.

He enjoys everything from bass fishing, dove hunting, to archery elk hunting, and everything in between. He is here to help the men and women who have experienced similar things to himself and knows how therapeutic the outdoors can be. He is studying to be a biologist once he retires. CJ is married with four children and is ready to start volunteering to get our members into the great outdoors!

David Hale

David Hale joined a CO ARNG Field Artillery Unit at 17 and served for almost eight years, he finally went to college graduating with a degree in Environmental Technology. 


As a Wildlife Technician and Officer for the Colorado Division of Wildlife in 2001, he has been blessed to raise three of his four daughters at the Billy Creek State Wildlife Area near Montrose, Colorado.  He has pretty much hunted/fished for everything that walks, swims or flies in the western United States.


David volunteers at the Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans. He found out that he really likes serving other people; especially veterans and kids.  David holds volunteer positions, including those with the American Legion Riders Post 73, his church and Team Rubicon. One of his favorite things to do in life is take veterans and kids fishing and hunting, along with teaching archery and Hunter Safety.

Tyler Raines


Tyler was born and raised in South Carolina and currently serves as a UAS operator in Fort Carson, Colorado. He has been an active duty Army soldier for eight years and is married with two children. Tyler is a big waterfowl hunter and is excited about new hunting opportunities. He is experienced in Colorado ice fishing and brings unlimited potential to the team to get members into the great outdoors.

Chris Salles


Chris is from Roanoke, VA and lived there until he joined the Army back in 2001. He just hit 20 years and is stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. 


Chris is married to his wife, Amy and they have 6yr old twin girls.  Chris is an outdoorsman and loves hiking, camping, fishing and basically just being outside! As an angler for over 20 years, Chris has recently got into fly fishing and Colorado is the place to do it!  


Chris likes helping others grow in all areas of life. He requested to volunteer with HHO so that he could help others do things they might not normally do on their own.  Besides, he’s always looking for a new fishing buddy or two!

Clayton mahoney

Clayton was born and raised in Folkston, Georgia. He graduated and joined the Army one month after high school. Clayton served overseas in Germany and Greece and is currently stationed at Fort Carson.  He has been an avid hunter since he was a kid. His grandfather was the one that taught him everything that he  knows and he is eager to transfer that knowledge to HHO members.

Stephen was born in Colorado and has lived in Wyoming; between the two states he learned to hunt the river bottom, flat lands, and mountainous backcountry. He found his passion in backcountry turkey and elk hunting. Stephen joined the Navy on a whim while he was home from college and spent 11 years in the reserves. When his son was born he found a new love in fishing and has been honing his hunting craft in fall and winter and fishing in the spring and summer.  Stephen has experience with non-profits and will be an asset to Hometown Hero Outdoors.

Stephen also has fun making baits with his son with his business Fishing With The Kraken.